90’x is a collective of Georgian photographers who were born in 90’s after the collapse of USSR.
We are a photography cooperative of children of the 90’s, the generation that grew up in the wake of the Soviet collapse, holdovers you can find in our photography.


2019 (November) - Upcoming exhibition "Stolen Stories" at Salaam Cinema Baku (Baku, Azerbaijan)
2019 - 90'x Collective "Stolen Stories" while Kolga Tbilisi Photo Week, Untitled Gallery (Tbilisi, Georgia)
2018 - 90'x collective (Batumi, Georgia)


2019 - Eastern European Magazine - EEP Berlin Vol.1 (Print)
2019 - Georgian Broadcaster - reportage about 90'x Collective exhibition - "Stolen Stories"
2019 - TV IMEDI - reportage about 90'x Collective's exhibition - "Stolen Stories"
2019 - Ajam Media Collective
2018 - Indigo Magazine (Print and Online)
2018 - Post Pravda Magazine

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